The Transformative Power of Stories

The Trilogy


For the third year running one of my stories has been shortlisted for the Bedford prize. In 2017 it was  Good Girl.  An anthology of the other shortlisted stories and competition winners is now available on Amazon as a download or in paperback.


What does a guy….

Site 1 ….have to do around this town? The town in question being Bedford.  For the third year running I’ve been shortlisted for their  short story competition  but not made it through to the top three. Presumably my story, Good Girl, like my previous entries will once again appear in the anthology which of course is nice, but just once, once…Still well done the winners, no really, I mean it – I do.

Twice is nice


Two of my stories are now in print in the 2016 Bedford Anthology; It’s Hard Being Clarke Kent and Lifeline. Available on Amazon at £7.50 it might be a little pricey for some even if the money does go to charity. Its only just come out, so if you wait there’s sure to be a price drop.


Published and be damned

Bedford 3

I wrote Where the White Poppies Grow ages ago. It is now available in the Bedford 2015 Anthology on Kindle and in paperback. I think the money goes to  charity.

The New Cool

site 7

My story, of 3000 words, The New Cool has been shortlisted for Writers’ Forum. If it doesn’t make the final three then it might be a consideration for an American magazine which prints stories of a similar nature.


Site 2

My story Blue made it through to the final stages of this year’s Yeovil competition but unfortunately not the final three.  I wrote it back in 2015 and it has been reworked since then, (more than once) but clearly it could stand a little more attention.

And the winner is…


depression…Not me apparently.  The 2016  Bedford Short Story competition results are just in and although I had two stories shortlisted neither one managed to make the final cut. Something of a consolation  is that both my stories should appear in the 2016 Anthology which will  be available to  download from Amazon later in the year. Congratulations to the winners…maybe next time

Resting story teller


1928 -2016

Sad to learn that William Trevor was one of the many artists; stars and celebrities to pass away last year. He was perhaps one of the finest short story writers and certainly one that  inspired me to give the art a go.  Wikipedia records him as an ‘elder statesman of the Irish literary world’. He once said, you don’t so much write a short story as attack it with a pair of scissors.


Third time Lucky


Another piece of luck; my story, Wanting to be John Wayne has been shortlisted for the  HE Bates competition. The winner is to be announced in early February


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